en tete bierges

L’Arche Bierges is working on a major project to rebuild its residential homes by 2019, a project that is essential due to the severely dilapidated state of its current buildings. A comprehensive preliminary architectural project has been defined in collaboration with the architect’s office Piron and our representative COSEP, as well as with the core members, their families, the members of staff and the board of directors, and is in the process of being reviewed by the urban planning department. But we still need donations!

To support our reconstruction project: BE71 0012 7676 9469 – with the reference “Projet logement Arche de Bierges”. You can also support us with one-off donations, needed for our day-to-day operation, independent of our rehousing project: BE71 0012 7676 9469 – with the reference “Don de fonctionnement Arche de Bierges”.

Any donation of €40 or more qualifies for a tax reduction of 45% of the amount donated. Thank you for your generosity! 

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If you are interested, please contact our chairman, Bernard Lemal, on +32 478 888 213

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Larche Bierges
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