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L’Arche is founded on voluntary and free commitment by people, young people in particular, who willingly choose to live with people with intellectual disabilities. Today, full-time volunteering is a job in its own right which continues to promote the values of commitment and giving.

Why not you?

  • If you are young ...
  • Would like a greater understanding of the world around us...
  • Believe that other cultures have many assets...
  • Are curious to discover other ways of life and of thinking...
  • Are tempted to experience difference, that has meaning ...
  • Enjoy friendships...

To ensure that any expression of difference becomes an opportunity to bring people closer together, L’Arche proposes a community living experience with men and women with intellectual disabilities and aims to be a place for personal and collective development.

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For older people, part-time volunteering is based on the free gift of time, knowledge, friendship, etc. It can be ad-hoc, providing help or support with a particular skill, or it can be long term. Each community relies on a network of friends who play a big part in the life of the community.


  • For people with artistic skills, participation in craftwork or music workshops, participating in the preparation of a meal.
  • Helping to maintain (laundry, ironing, cleaning) the various living areas.
  • Helping to maintain the buildings.
  • Freely giving time and friendship.
  • Or simply sharing moments together with the community.

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