We have a long tradition of taking on volunteers from all backgrounds, who can always count on the support of professionals.

If you would like to gain experience, to experience diversity by spending a few months or more at L’Arche, send us your application!


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  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Are you available for several months or on an occasional basis?
  • Would you like to help others?
  • Are you interested in experiencing diversity?
  • Would you like to experience an extraordinary human adventure?

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Being a volunteer at L’Arche is all about sharing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. You will support the core members in their daily lives and in the activities on offer.

Your role at L’Arche

  • Experience and share the daily lives of people with intellectual disabilities, in their own home and/or at the day centre.
  • “Be with” the person with an intellectual disability and “do with” them, rather than “do for” them.
  • Get to know the ‘Other’ and develop a relationship of trust.
  • Communicate and work with a multi-disciplinary team (special-needs educator, psychologist, social worker, nurse).
  • Implement rules and develop the goals of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Propose and coordinate activities together (preparing typical dishes from your country, learning a song or a dance, sports, etc.).
  • Play an active role in the community’s life.

You must be committed to welcoming difference and developing relationships of trust and friendship with people with disabilities beyond that of professional support.

La Vie, “50 years of shared life”, special edition, L’Arche International.

Being a volunteer at L’Arche is about being prepared to be transformed by an unexpected encounter that will leave a lasting impression.

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