en tete bruxelles

Le Toit, La Branche, La Ruche and Cana

Our four residential homes each house seven people with intellectual disabilities. The assistants support the core members in their day-to-day lives, with the help of volunteers and the network of friends.

Offering a living environment comprising family-style houses that are integrated within the local neighbourhood helps the core members to feel at home, to find their place, to receive visits from their family, to participate in activities and to play their role in the life of the home. The connection and interaction between our homes, our communities in Belgium and worldwide, involves and fosters respect, of cultures and beliefs, and openness to the world, as do the relations with the neighbourhood and wider local community. The four homes and the day centre of L’Arche Brussels are, due to their geographic proximity, closely interconnected. Their location in the heart of Europe promotes contacts of all kinds and exchanges between volunteers of all backgrounds.

Larche Aywaille
Larche Bierges
Larche Bruxelles
Larche Namur