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L’Arche Brussels is a non-profit association (asbl) with four residential homes and one day centre.
We work together with the Board of Directors, which delegates the day-to-day running of the association and the coordination of the homes and workshop to the director.

Our professional support

The day centre and the homes are run by a manager and assistants who are entrusted with monitoring each of our core members. They are supported by the psychology, medical and social team, volunteers, friends and outside parties.
A social worker and a specialist educator work alongside the doctor to develop and provide personalised support for the life goals of each person with disabilities. They also support the education teams in the teaching and clinical work in order to promote the well-being and development of every core member.

Moments of reflection and working meetings are regularly held to allow the managers and other persons involved the opportunity to share experiences and improve the quality of the services provided.
We strive to ensure that every core member at L’Arche is individually monitored by a key person who gathers all the information concerning that individual and coordinates any interventions by the various parties concerned.

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