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The purpose of our services is to help core members discover and develop their gifts, to use them, give them purpose, and promote them within our society.

The home’s objectives are to support each individual with a disability so that they:

•   Feel physically and psychologically well and safe throughout their lives
•    Develop their self-confidence and confidence in those around them
•    Live with their disability and do the best they can with it
•    Develop their decision-making ability and increase their sense of responsibility
•    Gradually express their desires and make them reality
•    Develop their potential and independence as much as possible
•    Integrate within the community and society

Le Lum’çon has four general objectives which guide the support work of each educator: well-being and self-acceptance, expression, social development, openness to others and to society.

L’Envolée enables core members to live their lives independently by being supported and assisted on a material, physical, emotional and social level.

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