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The Bartrès residential home

BARTRES was created in 1979 on the initiative of Abbot Maertens, the priest of Vedrin, and a few other people impressed by the message of L’Arche during a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The parish provided L’Arche with a house to use as a home. It came to be called Bartres.

Today, the home has eight permanent inhabitants with intellectual disabilities: Patrick, Mary, Raphaël, Marc, Marie-France, Sara, François and Tiphaine.

A motivated team of educators oversees the home with the help of several international full-time volunteers.

If you would like to meet them informally or simply share their experiences, don’t hesitate to visit the home. You will discover a welcoming ambiance to which everyone brings their own particular gifts. People here like to gather around the table to cook, play board games, participate in a creative activity, or hold a party with their many friends.

Le Tournesol  

The residential home LE TOURNESOL was created in 1992 on the hill above Bouge, a few kilometres from Namur.

Today, it is home to six people: Rita, Viviane, Natalie, Noël, David and Jean with Martine, supported by the education team and international full-time volunteers. Part-time volunteers also provide loyal and valuable assistance in the day-to-day life of the home.

Le Tournesol is a vibrant home, always ready to get involved in new projects, challenges and encounters.

There are many activities on offer at Le Tournesol where you will always be welcomed with open arms!

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