en tete namur

L’Arche – Namur currently has four entities:

-    2 residential homes: Bartrès, residential home for adults (Service Résidentiel pour Adultes: SRA) and residential night service for adults (Service Résidentiel de Nuit pour Adultes: SRNA) and Le Tournesol, residential night service for adults (SRNA), SAPS 009
-    1 day centre (Service d’Accueil de Jour pour Adultes: SAJA), Le Lum’çon, MAH 329
-    1 assisted-living service (Service de Logements Supervisés: SLS), L’Envolée, MAH 463

Our services support adult men and women with slight, moderate or severe intellectual disabilities, some of whom may have associated illnesses such as psychotic, personality or behavioural disorders. They may sometimes also have a physical or sensory disability or epilepsy.

Whether in our residential homes or in the assisted-living service (SLS), people carry out different occupations during the day: participation in the activities of our day centre (SAJA) or in other similar organisations in the region, working in a disability-friendly company (ETA), or volunteering in other associations.

The day centre (SAJA) also supports people living with their families or in other institutions.

To support and supervise these people in their daily lives, L’Arche Namur can count on the skills and motivation of the various teams:
•    The members of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
•    The administrative team: management, accounting officer, secretary
•   The psychology and social team: social worker and psychologist
•    The support team: the education manager, educators
•    Belgian and international full-time volunteers
•    External professionals: doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.
•    Many friends and part-time volunteers who support these various teams.

The Board of Directors entrusts the management team with the day-to-day running of the three services. The management team is supported by the Management Committee and the Community Committee so that it can carry out its duties via delegation and in a participative fashion.

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