Who are we?

L' Arche in French-speaking Belgium is a non-profif organization that gathers 4 communities, each of them being located in Aywaille, Brussels, Namur and Bierges.

The first mission of L' Arche in French-speaking Belgium is to build unity between its communities and develop transversal projects dedicated to their support.

The second task of l’Arche in French-speaking Belgium is to nurture the relationship between the international level of l'Arche Federation and its local communities at the country and regional level.

All communities have day care centres and houses, and some provide supervised apartment services. Our day centres welcome people with disabilities living in our houses or not. Some of the people living in our houses move to other facilities every day, such as Adapted Work Enterprises (ETAs).

The L' Arche communities in French-speaking Belgium give priority to family atmosphere and accommodation in small-sized homes in order to facilitate socialization processes and foster conviviality.

Our projects requiring funding

Help us to support L' Arche training seminars in French-speaking Belgium

L' Arche in French-speaking Belgium organizes and runs regional training seminars for volunteers from the 4 French-speaking communities. These seminars are of high pedagogical quality and constitute an essential lever for transmitting the core humane values of l' Arche.

Help us to finance the mobility-training missions of our employees  and volunteers within the framework of the « L’Arche International » program

The objective of the training courses offered by L'Arche International is threefold: 1) to develop the sharing and inculturation of high quality care practices and community life values at all levels - local, regional, national and international - of the Federation; 2) to provide Federation members with formation on the identity, values and missions of L'Arche, and to support cooperation and co-development of common projects between communities in the Federation.

Contribute to the development of the L’Arche French-speaking volunteer work team in Belgium

In Belgium French Part, the L'Arche communities have set up a Regional Volunteer Unit service in charge of recruiting, welcoming, educating and accompanying volunteers for the duration of their mission. This unit works in close relation with a growing number of very well national and international recognized volunteer-sending organizations. It ensures that the legal and administrative procedures for admitting volunteers are properly respected, and guarantees that each volunteer is offered quality personalized support throughout his or her volunteering assignment in one of our Belgian French-Speaking communities.The funding of such a daily regional volunteer support service is an annual challenge for our communities. The annual funding of such a regional volunteer support service is a major challenge for our communities every year.

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