Our goal is to be universal.

Since its creation by Jean Vanier in 1964, L’Arche has had an astonishing journey, spreading to some forty countries across five continents and a wide variety of settings. It now comprises more than 150 communities and involves several thousand people with intellectual disabilities. Those who participate in our work are united by the shared values of open mindedness and social commitment. Our communities are a symbol of hope and solidarity in a world that needs new models of harmonious living. They are an international movement for the promotion of people with disabilities.

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Our sister communities in Flanders

L’Arche is also present in Flanders, under the name De Ark Vlaanderen, in Antwerp, Bruges (Moerkerke) and Ghent.

Larche Aywaille
Larche Bierges
Larche Bruxelles
Larche Namur