By contributing to L’Arche’s work, you will be helping to build a caring, compassionate society.

L’Arche brings together and supports people with and without intellectual disabilities in a shared, communal living environment. We provide psychological, medical, social and professional support. We place great focus on personal skills, life experiences and social interaction.

We strive to help people with disabilities achieve independence. We support them with their individual goals so that they can play an active role in society and achieve their full potential.

Our work is based on reciprocal and mutually respectful relationships between all participants, be they people with disabilities, volunteers, friends, parents or professionals. Our approach is to “be with” and “do with”, which is not the same as “do for”. To achieve this we apply our four values: professionalism, community, spirituality and openness to the world.

Spontaneous, sociable and light-hearted, people with learning disabilities invite us to look beyond appearances and the stereotypes and prejudices that burden us and to reject all forms of discrimination. With them, our humanity is revealed. Our goal is to be universal.

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